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Front-End Developer

To use my knowledge and further enhance my skills acquired through academic and work experience. Contribute to the growth of the company in which will provide the potential for advancement, increased in skills and obtain a position where I can utilize and share my strong background in client side programming.


HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / SCSS / JSON / Ajax

  • Supported Browsers
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mobile Safari
  • Opera
  • Android


  • jQuery
  • Angular JS
  • Grunt JS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Parallax with Skroller JS
  • Blueprint CSS
  • 960 Grid System
  • Less Framework
  • Foundation CSS
  • Wordpress


  • Webstorm
  • Photoshop
  • Visual Studio
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • GIT
  • Jira
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Sublime
  • CorelDRAW X6
  • Internet Information Services

Front-end Development

  • Responsive, mobile first approach.
  • Performance optimisation, progressive enhancement, usability, and accessibility.
  • Grunt tasks automation such us cssLint, jsHint, Assemble(.hbs) and Connect(live reload)
  • Inside-out experience in HTML5 and object oriented CSS
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, jQm, json and Ajax
  • Proven experience with Angular JS
  • Modular, scalable, robust, and reusable code
  • Can develop websites with less images using up to date HTML5 markup, scss(css3), sprites and font icons
  • Proven experience with Adobe applications
  • SEO using semantic HTML and Microformats.
  • W3C compliant code
  • Focused on user-center, Lead generation design and behavior
  • Comfortable on any back-end environment languages/technologies
    ( NET / MVC4 / Sitecore / Umbraco / PHP / Ruby )

Web Design

  • Ability to design and develop websites using photoshop or corelDraw, slice and hand code it complying in/with web standards.
  • Provide sleek, cutting edge professional web design that is a perfect match for any general business sites, portfolio, photography and personal blogs.
  • Balance of both design and front-end technical expertise.
  • Strong work ethic with an excellent knowledge of design process, information design and project development processes.
  • Translate business requirements and user needs into visual designs for both print and digital
  • Develop web properties by providing expert knowledge in user experience design and producing sitemaps, wireframes, user scenarios and workflow diagrams
  • Strong understanding of responsive design and creating design templates in HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery

Feb 2015 - Present Liquid Interactive (AU)

Sr. Front-End Developer

Joined a team of leading interactive marketing agency specializing in interactive strategy and marketing, user experience (UX) design, modern website design and development, mobile and interactive technologies development

Created platforms that enabled institutions to completely manage their programs and frameworks between several different entities – eg: school leaders, staffs, students, etc… – either from their desktop screens, tablets and or mobile devices.


  • Designed and developed views/templates on top of C#, using the Razor templating engine.
  • Increased front-end efficiency by developing front end templates using mustache and handlebar
  • Created and maintained the front-end standards document and oversaw production of Javascript, HTML, and CSS
    • Using modern technology to date
    • Block Element Modifier convention to create reusable components and efficient code sharing
    • Combined this with scalable and modular CSS architecture as needed
  • Implemented and maintained a templating system for faster production and kickstart ground projects
    • Atomic css architecture using Sassy CSS
    • Grunt and Gulp automation for minifications, compilation, unit testing and linting
  • Implemented code benchmark for Dreamworks create game projects
    • Mini Game apps for sharing and printing user creations from their favorite dreamworks animation movies.
    • Using Angular javascript mainly for the game engine
    • Combined with GSAP to create crazy fast, freakishly robust, cross platform compatible animations
    • User created images and scenes converted to canvas, AWS Cloud integration and PDF printing
  • Improved and maintained a website built on Sitefinity CMS which satisfy:
    • Level AA success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility guidelines -specification.
    • Accessible resources (mostly) in a screenreader-friendly format.

Aug 2013 - Jan 2014 Visual Jazz IsoBar (AU)

Sr. Front-End Developer

  • One of the best - and biggest - front-end team in Australia!
  • Develop and suported enterprise-class web applications utilizing all available front-end technologies
  • Worked in structured environment following defined development methodologies, including multi-channel and multi-tiered design and development.
  • Leveraged HTML/CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks to it's full power!
  • Interfaced with various back-end technologies as well as frameworks and services - MVC, Sitecore and Umbraco
  • Deleloped the ability to familiarized and master new/emerging technologies and taken initiative to offer technical direction and creative solutions - jQuery, angular.js, grunt.js and utilized handlebars for front-end templating.
  • Used source code management tools - GIT, Sourcetree!
  • Deep exposure to fluid layout and positioning, browser behavior and compatibility, and cross-browser, cross device issues and solutions
  • Taken directions coming from managers and tech leads while communicating issues, providing estimates and helping to envision creative solutions to technical issues.
  • and of course, more exposure to scrum - Agile methodology

Jan - July 2013 Oxygen Ventures Pty Ltd (AU)

Sr. Front-End Developer

  • Works on web, social media, email campaigns and application projects for internal projects
  • Works together with creative and back end teams using the latest industry standards best practices for SEO, mobile and cross-browser compatibility
  • Strong front-end experience in building customer facing web applications
  • Adopted scrum towards Agile project development
  • Handles:
    • HTML / CSS / AJAX / jQuery
    • Solid Front-end coding in HTML, HTML 5, CSS3
    • Cross browser compatibility and Best CSS Practices for simple UI design and responsive web design
    • AJAX based interfaces using JS/jQuery/Services
  • Main Tools and Applications:
    • ASP.NET MVC4
    • Photoshop CS6/CC
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
    • Tortoise SVN
    • GitHub (smart git and git gui)
    • Bug Management system using JIRA and Trello

2009 - Present oDesk contractor

Front-End Architect

  • Develops mobile and desktop websites for small to large scale businesses
  • Exposed in modern web technologies using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery mobile and ajax.
  • Proficient in developing web applications using jQuery.
  • Passionate for creating user interface for experiences that user will rave about.
  • Sleek, clean cutting edge web and mobile design solutions.
  • W3C compliant code
  • Focused on user-center, Lead generation designs
  • Extensive knowledge and comfortable on a server side language using
    ASP.NET - MVC3, MVC4, PHP or Ruby
  • Web site code optimization
  • Progressive enhancement & graceful degradation for standard browser
  • Client side Coding
    • Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript
    • jQuery - Cross-browser JavaScript code structures to simplify and speed up client-side scripting of HTML.
    • HTML5 and CSS3 - Latest HTML proposed standards combined with the latest proposed standards for CSS that natively support much of the client-side functionality
  • Server Side Coding environment (Front-end development)
    • PHP
    • NET and .NET MVC Framework
  • Some touch in database technology
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • RavenDB

Interface Designer

  • Creates illustrations, icons, navigation buttons, bitmaps and workflows.
  • Makes the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Assembles a list of the functionality required of the system to accomplish the goals of the project and the potential needs of the users
  • Develop the process and/or information flow of the system.

2010 - 2011 and 2012 Campetravel Pty LTD (AU)

Website Designer

  • HTML5, DHTML, CSS3 and jQuery with a clear understanding as to how designs comps translate to code.
  • Develops and implement information architectures and navigation schema.
  • Designed together with the team, we made customer-oriented web design, appealing stress free layout in providing information and ensures that visitors active website which is focused on user-center and lead generation.
  • Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques.
  • Maintains and provides ongoing design of the website, promos and ad banners, seasonal content specials, etc...
  • Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

2009 - 201099designs Contributor

Designer and Graphic Artist

  • Designed various graphics that help companies promote and improve their business in terms of promotion, lead generation salese and advertisement.
  • Creates graphics primarily for Web, printed or electronic media.
  • Responsible for typesetting, illustration, user interfaces, and web design
  • Assembles together images, typography or motion graphics to create a piece of design
  • Develop and produce appropriate icons and bitmaps to support software and GUI interface design projects.
  • Develops Graphic Design solutions to support product development and site communication needs.
  • Create sketches, model concepts and produce digital artwork to support companies.

2008-2009 Lexmark Research and Development

Arts and Technical Graphics Illustrator

  • Illustrates technical artwork for Lexmark documentation
  • Responsible for performing tasks using PC software in the planning, layout, and preparation of artwork for inclusion in customer product setup sheets/user guides, printer help software, product packaging, or other customer documentation.
  • Prepares illustrations in two and three dimensional drawings from rough sketches, models, written or verbal direction, photographs, and/or engineering drawings.
  • Determines composition of technical illustrations and selects views, angles perspectives, and projections based on established style guidelines.
  • Coordinates requirements with technical writers to determine illustrative objectives.
  • Works as part of an illustration and technical writing team to produce reusable illustrations and content

2008 Sugar Mountain Media

IT Consultant

  • Conceptualized and created a digital video library tracking system, financial management system and a digital sourcebook.

2006 - 2008La Consolacion College - Bacolod | Finance Department

  • Data Encoder
  • In charge on Student Accounts
  • Suggested few enhancement of the "Student Information System"

2010On the spot Digital Art and Photography

Web Design Champion

Emerge as Champion on BNEFIT "On the Spot I Love Technology Digital Art and Photography Contest"


Web Design Champion

Actively participated as Contestant in the "ON-THE-SPOT-DIGITAL-ART COMPITITION" during the 4th ICT Educational Fair held on December 3-4, 2009,

2007La Consolacion College - Bacolod

Web Design Champion

School of Business and Information Technology Web Design Competition, Participated and Won the 'On the Spot Web Design Competition'

2007La Consolacion College - Bacolod

Poster Making Contest 1st Placer

Participated and Won the 'Poster Making Contest'

2006La Consolacion College - Bacolod

Flyers Making Champion

Participated and Won the "On The Spot Flyers making Competition"

2006 - 2012La Consolacion College - Bacolod

Bchelor of Science in Information Management

Designed to be a world-class IT professional that is not only nationally accredited but also globally competitive and will be professionally competent, morally upright, and socially responsible contributor to national development.